Eazy Peazy English Tuition

My first job as a freelance illustrator was at Eazy Peazy, where I redesigned my client's previous logo and provide frequent illustrations for her to post on her Instagram profile. I also produced mural art for her startup office. In the coming months we hope to collaborate on language learning cards and other small graphic design projects.


In my own personal project, I've been creating sticker sheets to sell on my upcoming Etsy shop. I've always wanted to make my own stickers and can't wait to have a whole range of products to bring in extra freelancer wages! Designing more of my own products to market myself is my next big goal - I'm thinking tote bags, prints and enamel pins in the next few years.


In another personal project, I've been creating letter writing sets to sell on my upcoming Etsy shop. I write a lot of letters to a lot of penpals and came up with the idea of printing my own paper and envelope templates! I plan to make a lot more of these in my shop since I love using them in my own free time.

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